In the depths

February 12, 2014


Telling a story made of lies

to bring about awe and surprise

Does the three seconds of laughter justify

the ingrained solicitation?

Now that the crowd has lulled

what next will be revealed

to fulfill ones’ empty need?

Or is it just the opposite?

Is it a covering over of the uncertain and the unknown?

For true death comes from surrendering the cyclic process of thought.

Pushing away all discomfort and uncertainty; aggression

Pulling and grasping that which makes a sense of security; passion

Endlessly oscillating, thinking it will bring about happiness; ignorance

Is it not below the current where stillness brings about clarity?

In the darkness; the disorientation; the fear…

In the depths where stainless love has always been.



April 25, 2011


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                                              Footsteps fleeting as they go

                                             Fading quickly, stone in snow

                                    Removing memory lest you choose to flee

                                        The path ahead the only way to leave

.. been away so long. It’s really good to be back on here reading others’ work and letting a bit of me spill out…feels d@#n good actually. C ya around.

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