In the depths

February 12, 2014


Telling a story made of lies

to bring about awe and surprise

Does the three seconds of laughter justify

the ingrained solicitation?

Now that the crowd has lulled

what next will be revealed

to fulfill ones’ empty need?

Or is it just the opposite?

Is it a covering over of the uncertain and the unknown?

For true death comes from surrendering the cyclic process of thought.

Pushing away all discomfort and uncertainty; aggression

Pulling and grasping that which makes a sense of security; passion

Endlessly oscillating, thinking it will bring about happiness; ignorance

Is it not below the current where stillness brings about clarity?

In the darkness; the disorientation; the fear…

In the depths where stainless love has always been.



February 6, 2014

Are these grooved things not fit for better things?
They that tell a lifetime
Speak of evolution
Are they to be employed by illusion?

Twisting and turning
Bending and burning
Forging and fusing particles of the past
This dust cannot take form once more

And if this Vegas show would once more perform
surely its sights and sounds would betray

These distant images arise not from depths of clarity
But  are summoned by the minions of longing

How true the air is striking the skin, now, at this perfect hour
Waste no more and wash these gifts at last
Let dust be dead as it is

Are these hands meant for disabled clutching?
For enduring the ritualistic death that fear brings about?
Let joints breath again and open to the world
Sounding pulsing instruments of awakened life

These beautiful extensions of love and gentleness;
To reach out
To touch
To pull oneself and also another upright into liberating posture

How true they move when the heart pulsates through these veins
How true the air is striking skin, now, at this perfect hour

      Tonight, I am a very happy being as my children had the blessing of getting to meet Pele. For those that don’t know, Pele is the Goddess of Fire. Below are the pictures that Tommy and Macaela wanted to take; they wanted to be able to label them as well but the night got late and they have school tomorrow so I told them I would do it for them. It was a beautiful, powerful and deep experience for all three of us. Tommy asked for Buddha to sow up and be in his life, and Macaela asked for Jesus to do the same. I am a grateful father for being able to experience this……



“Who wants to go meet Pele?”

“I do! I do!,” exclaimed the ginger root.



..letting the mind settle (Macaela has an eye with the camera)



The offerings – I love the smell of burning sage!




My two fireflies in the night








…a very intense presence felt.

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