July 28, 2014

Freed Fireflies final



Illusory veils

Blankets upon the mind

Capturing up moments

imprisoned fireflies

Heed the warmth of flicker-flame

As awareness becomes fire

Fuel for the journey

Coals of desire



The artwork at above was inspired by this writing. If you’d like to view more of my art just copy and paste the link below;






In the depths

February 12, 2014


Telling a story made of lies

to bring about awe and surprise

Does the three seconds of laughter justify

the ingrained solicitation?

Now that the crowd has lulled

what next will be revealed

to fulfill ones’ empty need?

Or is it just the opposite?

Is it a covering over of the uncertain and the unknown?

For true death comes from surrendering the cyclic process of thought.

Pushing away all discomfort and uncertainty; aggression

Pulling and grasping that which makes a sense of security; passion

Endlessly oscillating, thinking it will bring about happiness; ignorance

Is it not below the current where stillness brings about clarity?

In the darkness; the disorientation; the fear…

In the depths where stainless love has always been.


February 6, 2014

Are these grooved things not fit for better things?
They that tell a lifetime
Speak of evolution
Are they to be employed by illusion?

Twisting and turning
Bending and burning
Forging and fusing particles of the past
This dust cannot take form once more

And if this Vegas show would once more perform
surely its sights and sounds would betray

These distant images arise not from depths of clarity
But  are summoned by the minions of longing

How true the air is striking the skin, now, at this perfect hour
Waste no more and wash these gifts at last
Let dust be dead as it is

Are these hands meant for disabled clutching?
For enduring the ritualistic death that fear brings about?
Let joints breath again and open to the world
Sounding pulsing instruments of awakened life

These beautiful extensions of love and gentleness;
To reach out
To touch
To pull oneself and also another upright into liberating posture

How true they move when the heart pulsates through these veins
How true the air is striking skin, now, at this perfect hour

At Last Light

September 23, 2010

                   An old friend; one I haven’t seen in about 20 years, inspired me to repost this with one of her facebook posts. She pointed out not to forget the “other” victims in this insanely egodriven mess called war. Not to forget the families and children in Iraq, Afganistan. etc.
                 Their lives are no less sacred; their families anguish is no less severe…thank you for speaking up Anna. 

From within these shores came an act of fear

Great sadness stoked by the heat of loss

From the ash arose a path unclear

So we simply followed, what we’ve been taught

No cheek to turn, revenge distilled the thoughts

What about those of us still left to tell

Teachings of nonviolence and hatred quelled

At a crucial time, wisdom left unveiled

A nations’ rage bid peace farewell

But at last light it looked as though we’ve failed

     Bloodshed we screamed but not to near

     We musn’t see what we bought

     Our countries’ blood is far too dear

     So off to war, they must be fought

     Where we guarantee more death is brought

     It seems liberty has lost her bell

     The good of all put in a cell

     Striving to protect lives so frail

     Compassion; humanity, should be the waters of our well

     But at last light it looked as though we’ve failed

Thousand of lives weigh heavy upon me, this year

And some do still justify the murder that we sought

No amount of killing will change the image in the mirror

No mother’s sons will be brought back by your prayers

Many a times, throughout thousands of years

We’ve been offered a gift to see through this hell

The teachings of love that will awake from this spell

Yet we raise our chests in pride at our own coffins’ nails

And praise god for our victory as we bid the dead our farewells

But at last light it looked as though we’ve  failed

     When all compassion is lost in this place that we dwell

     Will our children speak of love, how will they be able to tell

     I hoped to see a day when we might have peace prevail

     A world of understanding where violence just dosen’t sell

     The dawn of enlightenment where all selfish concepts fell

     But at last light it looked as though, once again, we have failed

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