In times we cannot accept,

Minutes seem likes days.

No color, no taste…even love seems fake.

And then, we step with our left foot instead of our right.

We choose to embrace instead of pushing away.

The shoulders fall; we breathe again, as if for the first time.

Like hearing music for the first time, our whole body awakes.

And for a moment, if even just that one moment, we can rest again.






June 3, 2017

Touched by space in a moment

Not profound nor beautiful; just simply true

Reminds to rest and allow all fully

Not to chase or resist…

Simple breathing

Stainless light

October 22, 2016

Unborn, brilliant rays

Burn through and fade

Unnatural molds that we’ve  made

Early morning guest

October 7, 2016

                        An invitation

         Birds, wind; even train whistle

               Connect and experience

Art the Dinosaur

September 29, 2016

Lone brontosaurus

Searching for trees

Wanders through a forest of art

Conversing with me

Little rebel

September 28, 2016

photo by Emily Blincoe


To think that I once thought of myself as free

Wind blown, free to grow, color in cheeks


Whether this life was eventually termed long or short

I’m not really sure either concept will ever come close


I wanted so much more, simply to live and be able to love

But in the end, I became just another story for the coffee book table





August 24, 2016

Heart smile, eyes gleaning 

She wants only to rest in love 

I’m an apple

August 19, 2016

​30 days

So beautiful

I am blessed

Sudden creaking door

Natural smell, sudden smack

Merton beneath trees


Stillness again

August 7, 2016

Time seems stretched somehow

Playing each moment sweetly

I remember this

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