Secrince’s light

September 8, 2016








Was true in moonlight, set in space

absence of time, blue, red and black

fountains violent, desire-less sight

touching, yet separate; similar paths

Rage does slow, abound and kneeling

with page in hand, soaked with feeling

perfected sight, foot steps go slowly

come back full circle, season dwelling

Sane willows sway and hold dear secrets

sworn once more on final night

known and forgotten just to see

merged again to absorb light




May 28, 2015

It’s so easy to see it.
To feel the damp, soft leaves…
smell the sharp, fall air,
clearing away all thoughts.

Curls everywhere.
2 am chocolate.
Midnight rain…emphasizing the silence.

Somewhere deep in a dark forest,
we will sleep like cats.

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