Secrince’s light

September 8, 2016








Was true in moonlight, set in space

absence of time, blue, red and black

fountains violent, desire-less sight

touching, yet separate; similar paths

Rage does slow, abound and kneeling

with page in hand, soaked with feeling

perfected sight, foot steps go slowly

come back full circle, season dwelling

Sane willows sway and hold dear secrets

sworn once more on final night

known and forgotten just to see

merged again to absorb light




May 22, 2014




And what will you send to me

Tidal waves of blood and bone

Or lakes and forest, the smell of stones

Surely something I haven’t seen

A hidden message to receive

There will be a house; yes, there will be a house

…in appreciation of Carl Gustav Jung

Beautiful mornings . . .

January 16, 2013




“I send you this, in the depths of love now. Let it be a love for all beings, myself, you, and all the rest – from the most horrible persons on the planet, in the clutches of suffering, murderers and rapists, let them be loved and included, and to the most sweet, innocent children who radiates love and kindness and who make you smile by simply looking at you, let them be included – from the smallest ants and mosquitoes  to the most majestic baline leviathans, let them be included. Let us be united in that intention together. To love ourselves, and to deeply love others and cherish them, from that wellspring of self-care.”

– O.C.



May you all have a beautiful day



Dead Hands of White

January 15, 2013

Touching, breathing…believing;

believing in ourselves.

Believing in the taste of something

that is far more tangible than the air;

something only we have.

No one else knows it exists

because no one else can know of its’ existence.

I…we…us, live in it.

Timeless, I watch the long hand disappear.

No clock-maker is great enough to bring back the click of the hands.

They are banished; for now


January 6, 2013

Freed Fireflies final











freed fireflies b and w final




b and w tree hole



kids 2






What I see the train station



light rays



wall lotus




yesterday final b and w








You can view/purchase artwork at following link;



Sleepily, I write

January 6, 2013


Sleepily I write.

And as I see again the red rose glare of the lights,

a smile breaks barriers and beings dance in again.



Sleepily I write.

As Ingred sings her sonnet of chains;

the removing of such; an opening.



Sleepily I write.

As this fragile frame sleeks through darkness,

awfully drawn, to the red rose glare.


Check out my Art

December 27, 2012

For anyone interested, you can view/purchase my art at the following link. Some may be familiar as they were born out of my writings; especially  Freed Fireflies




Freed Fireflies

Illusory veils

Blankets upon the mind

Capturing up moments

Imprisoned fireflies



Heed the warmth of flicker-flame

As awareness becomes fire

Fuel for the journey

Coals of desire

Freed Fireflies final


“Feel sympathy for truly accomplished people because they are just as puzzled and in awe of the gifts that come through them as you are, and probably more so.”

Reggie Ray

Dharma Ocean Foundation


October 4, 2011

Dissolving into the chest, all of this is yours

I do not unlock and open the door to this house for you; I remove it from the


May this water soften cracked lips, sooth the hateful tongue and snap the

arrogant voice from its slumber

      These arms and flesh; let them be shields against fists, bullets,

rage and the like; they are yours

May you enter the center at your pace and swim in an endless ocean of love

The boundaries are fictional; cross them and take what you will

I’ll meet you there

September 27, 2011


I lay here feeling the power of this empty moment;

  of breath and skin

Your back, against my chest;

I cannot tell where they end or begin

I want to speak and say a million things;

             To show you all that I am

             To warn of all that I am not

Scramblin for language, I find none that are true;

So I rest…


     I rest in the rise and fall of us

     In tears that fall like clear, blood drops

             for they fall from an infinite, open heart;

              both mine and yours


     I rest in the way your skin

     has become water for thirsty eyes     

    In how my forearm is awakened,

     as your sleeping breath falls upon it

becomes  it


           After years of laying here, your perfected eyelids open;

they communicate home

This brain tells the heart you were only alseep for minutes;

but this body knows better of time

It “thinks” the word love; it falls short

… but that’s what words do



“I never thought a perfect moment existed

… until last night,”

     will escape and betray your “logical self”

     You will tell of an inability to speak of such things

     I will be stunned and acknowledge the same;

     unable to express a reality so fluid and beautiful;

     so full, yet empty


In this moment I lay bare my soul;

this heart will allow all that enter fully…

…that I love all things in this way    

That I,

in this space,

cannot settle for  concepts…

cannot love half-way


This heart seems to have but one question;

  who will allow me to devour them with my affections?


Moments have passed now;

but still, gently, I remain

And as you say you are losing yourself

I say, “please do”

     Lose yourself to a place without thought;

take in air so thick and sensual

your logic can only suffocate

 and surrender


If by chance our paths do not cross again;

if they do not allow such a beautiful moment…

at the boundaries of your human heart,

you will find fear;

dissolve into it


I’ll meet you there






Dedicated to the most beautiful, undying, endless space…

where hearts can truly meet

It is upon us now


 The line:  who will allow me to devour them with my affections? –

was taken from a writing (with permission) by Julie B. . .

it put words to my experience perfectly. So again, Julie, thank you.


Below is a video of this poem put to still shots and Bon Iver performing, “I can’t make you love me.” 

If any of you would like this done with your writings, just let me know.


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