Little rebel

September 28, 2016

photo by Emily Blincoe


To think that I once thought of myself as free

Wind blown, free to grow, color in cheeks


Whether this life was eventually termed long or short

I’m not really sure either concept will ever come close


I wanted so much more, simply to live and be able to love

But in the end, I became just another story for the coffee book table




9 Responses to “Little rebel”

  1. Grace said

    And so it is, smiles ~ We all dream of that, but who knows what our journey will end up to be ~ Welcome back ~

  2. I like this take on the prompt. 🙂

  3. I think we always find that freedom might be harder to bear, and routines might be relaxing… like the sentiment here.

  4. Karen Welch said

    I’d love to read your life story as s coffee table book , when will it be available ?

  5. Yes indeed. Freedom can be so chaining at times. A sad poem. I’d like ti think my life would be more than just another coffee table book.

    • ohcgd108 said

      Me too. I those flowers living freely on the edge of a beach, then suddenly, be picked and thrown into a book. I saw it all at once. It was very sad. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with me.

  6. Mish said

    I think our lives can be best sellers to others…if we all got together to read them, we may be amazed by each other.

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