Embodied life

October 18, 2013


Thinking about intimacy.

How a lack of intimacy with self cuts off the connection completely. We sometimes come to a place of feeling a need for someone else to enter our life; to bring us acceptance, acknowledgement, happiness and meaning. But it is intimacy with ourselves that we are craving/lacking.

It’s easy to see how we come upon this “grey” state. Life gets tough, we sense that we are feeling too much, so we begin to distance ourselves from our experience/body. Using all sorts of creative distractions, keeping our brain occupied and on the move, we can live a life cut off from the painful aspects of life. What a lot of us fail to notice is that we are cutting off experiencing the pleasurable aspects of life, fully, as well.


The following website leads to the introductory teachings presented by Dharma Ocean. For those seeking an embodied life; one that embraces all of life’s experiences, fully, I invite you to take a look.


Best wishes on your journeys





2 Responses to “Embodied life”

  1. ~meredith said

    I am so glad to see your footprint!

    Dennis, this is awesome.



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