And I do shake

January 6, 2013



At most times, it creeps.

The corners slowly fading in;

and I do shake my head wearily.

I do so knowing the battle to come.

I know all the things to think, all the things to say and yes,

all the “right” things to do;

but the corners still close in.

And I do shake my head wearily.

For all the preconceptions of humankind

you would think the corners are turning to darkness;

looming in, creeping in, closing off the light;

but it is the light creeping in.

And it is what causes fear,

for I am accustomed to the cool breathe of my dear, dark mistress.

I was led into this steep, hollow of darkness long ago

and still remain, for the most part.

But her karma is beginning to be exhausted

and I am fearful of departure.

Odd, I know.

But what of the many battered women who miss their abuser?

It is not an uncommon phenomena.

I know that each moment is fresh, new and alive; fluid.

I know that impermanence is law, unalterable.

I know that buddhanature is real; from experience.

I am the one usually trying to lead others to it.

But tonight,


I will allow this fear, this sadness

because it is a fear of not living in complete darkness

and that, Dennis, is a most beautiful horizon.

4 Responses to “And I do shake”

  1. meredith said

    We love the darkness, but to love it justly and give it due credit… we emerge. 🙂

  2. joanna said

    the message at the end there is one fitting for the horizon of a brand new year. nice use of repetition, too.

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