Everything about me

December 6, 2012




light rays



On occasion, I am asked about me.

Sometimes it’s masked

in a conversation

dancing about

trying to get at the source of my beliefs.

If I would go on and on

for hours at end

still, l there never would be

an answer so fitting

to sum up the parts of me.


I will try iinstead

to give you a glimpse

from within my head


Turn off your lights,

while at home,

not even a candle, flickering alone.

Sit quite still

and rest your eyes

in the way

the Dharmasagara knows.

If you see the rise of smoke

upon the space in the front of you,

then you will have seen what I see.

And if you journey

for what seems like years

through unknown lands

you’ve never have imagined

yet it’s only been minutes and

you’ve never left your ear;

then my friend

you will have known

a little bit of me.

And if by chance

you come so close

to another

that your body erupts

with hatred and love

both at the same time;

if when this happens

you do allow

the rise and fall

with equal love

then my friend

you will of learned

everything that I could tell

about me.

3 Responses to “Everything about me”

  1. joanna said

    sounds like an experiment worth trying. 🙂 you seem to be very in touch with what’s around you… what a blessing.

  2. belladonna23 said

    if only everyone were to walk around with the mentality of knowing that we can know everything about another person..

  3. woih said

    I wish people would let me that close

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