Listening to Silence

April 28, 2012

“Michael…welllll, he dont talk much. Does he boy?”
   “Sure dont daddy.”
“He sits in the rain, sometimes for days. Always seems like he’s listnen something, watching something, that just ain’t there.”
     “Some kinda idiot?”
“Nah. Not at all. I would think it myself but when he comes in for a spell, well, he’s clear as that pond on a spring morning.
    Talks funny as hell, though. When he talks, that is. Never asks any questions. Wont shoot the shit with ya if ya paid ’em. I’d take ’em for one of them uptight, paranoidy types, ‘cept, always seems as though everything in the world is just as he wants it. Relaxed as a bear in dead winter.”
      “Why he so relaxed, daddy?”
“Can’t figure it, son. The world could be on fire around ’em and he’d just carry on like he planned it to be that way himself. Sure does talk in funny ways though.”
     “What ya mean exactly, daddy?”
“Well, when he does decide to let loose his mind, it’s damn near impossible to understand what he’s saying. 
      I mean, he only says something when I’m carrying on about something I can’t figure out, and when does, it’s like he’s speaking about something that has nothing to do with what I’m talking about. Confusing as well, son”
      “Gibberish, daddy?”
“It would seem so. But, for some reason or another whatever he says, which seems backwards as all hell, puts my mind at ease. It’s like, something in me knows exactly what he’s talking, but my brain can’t get a hold none of it.”
     “How’s that, daddy?”
“I don’t know, son. Maybe that boy IS hearing something I ain’t. Maybe, he really is seeing something out there in that rain and bush.
      I want you to start spending some time out there with ’em, understand?”
      “And do what, daddy? The boy don’t TALK?!!”
“I don’t know, son. Just….well, just be quiet and listen. I’l try the same.”
     ” k, daddy.”

One Response to “Listening to Silence”

  1. meredith said

    beautiful, Dennis. This is such a tender, insightful moment of expression. Thank you.


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