Softening the Steel

January 24, 2012

The existence of solidified steel

made from delayed needs

allows no space

for these beautiful beginnings

Our addictions, joy, anger, inspiration, sadness and compassion…

all leading us to this moment;

this uncreated, stainless nature

And in this moment

or lack there of

I finally know, eventually

we will all

be led

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2 Responses to “Softening the Steel”

  1. Ah, Dennis. “The uncreated, stainless nature.” In stainless I see a double entrendre, whether intended or not… but I do know that survival sometimes forces one to develop that steel exterior, which can be soften by the warmth of loving people… Beautiful. Where do you get these ideas? With admiration, Amy

  2. woih said

    Hi Amy

    ” uncreated, stainless nature” is reference to what I experience all of us to be underneath all the tension and thinking, also known as Buddhanature. Uncreated as it Has no beginning or end, without birth or death. Stainless due to it’s empty and/ or selfless nature.
    I believe it is what is trying to be conveyed in theistic traditions when they speak of the god seed in everything… No matter how the ego manipulated and distorts experiences. the purity of this natural, radiant love is never marred or tainted… It remains ” stainless”, without beginning or end

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