The kids’ first meeting with Pele!!!

September 6, 2011

      Tonight, I am a very happy being as my children had the blessing of getting to meet Pele. For those that don’t know, Pele is the Goddess of Fire. Below are the pictures that Tommy and Macaela wanted to take; they wanted to be able to label them as well but the night got late and they have school tomorrow so I told them I would do it for them. It was a beautiful, powerful and deep experience for all three of us. Tommy asked for Buddha to sow up and be in his life, and Macaela asked for Jesus to do the same. I am a grateful father for being able to experience this……



“Who wants to go meet Pele?”

“I do! I do!,” exclaimed the ginger root.



..letting the mind settle (Macaela has an eye with the camera)



The offerings – I love the smell of burning sage!




My two fireflies in the night








…a very intense presence felt.

4 Responses to “The kids’ first meeting with Pele!!!”

  1. meredith said

    Beautiful! You’re a good man, Dennis.

    Thanks for sharing such a tender, meaningful evening with us.


  2. woih said


    Thank you for the compassionate comment. I take it into my heart. I am more than happy to share all that I experience and what makes my heart expand even more is my children wanted to make sure others were able to share in this as well. Hopefully next week we can rope a few others in as well.

    May you have an inspired Tuesday Meredith

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