“That Day” Video

September 6, 2011

I finall found my the video I made to my song “That Day”…very happy as I accidentally erased it from computer and have been searching for it for a while. It’s an old band I was in named The Midnight Sinners and we revamped one of my old tunes. I’m singing backups and the second verse and plaing rythym guitar. In the video, I’m the one with a bushy beard and fadora hat. Was also my first attempt at making a video to music…came out decent I think. Let me know what ya think.
Oh, sorry, cant figure out this embed thing so you’ll have to follow the link before.


2 Responses to ““That Day” Video”

  1. Elizabeth. said

    Came out VERY decent. Love the song … and the fedora. x

  2. woih said

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Elizabeth. I have a crazy penchant for Fidoras…

    this video/song makes me miss recording and mixing music, gonna have to get off my musical butt and start writing some more new stuff.

    Really appreciate your writings and presence around these parts 🙂

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