A Mothers Call

September 4, 2011

Bound in heart unto the Earth

Weaving stillness into the night

As the mother wailed for all to be seen

He shed her tears and bowed deeply

Luna Bella danced round his back

Casting her gown upon his feet

A blessing bestowed centuries ago

This is the compassion she’d been calling for

The wind then carried a message within

” I’ve witnessed your suffering again and again

While some may end with a smoother hand

You were born to walk along this path

Open your heart for all beings sake

Be empty of self and let your love slake

When your tears fall heavy upon this soil

All will benefit from your sacred waters.”

5 Responses to “A Mothers Call”

  1. I read this a few days ago on Tumblr…the connection between similar experiences (now that I am aware) is amazing…

  2. woih said

    I never knew you had the exact same experience. It is amazing! And at the same time, not at all a surprise anymore…

  3. “Luna Bella danced round his back
    Casting her gown upon his feet”

    such great imagery. slightly confused as to the poem’s meaning, but it reads beautifully! xx

  4. woih said

    The Mother is the Earth, experienced as wailing women around a fire when engaged in a certain meditation (the Earth Breathing I linked you to in the “thawing out” poem, comment section).

    The first time they were wailing as if a mother finally saw along lost child. This time they were calm and informing of my path . There is another practicioner, who having read this writing, informed me that she had the same experience…

    ..so this writing is a description of a literal experience I’ve had. I know this sounds crazy; but it is true….and it was/ is the most powerful and beautiful experience of my life.

    “Luna Bella danced round his back
    Casting her gown upon his feet”

    ..these are the kinda lines that make me love to write poetry…I’m so glad you can appreciate them.

    (it’s the moon casting her light, “gown” on me as I meditated outside)

    I’m deeply in love with Luna Bella

    thank you glitteringsootonhereyelashes..my daughter just fell in love with your name as she is hovering over my shoulder “I like your name..It’s cool” she just said

    With the greatest love,

    • wow, thank you so much for such a detailed description. so deep. and it makes me appreciate the poem that much more now that i understand exactly where the inspiration is stemming from.

      words have such power don’t they? i think meditation must always be quite a touching experience though i’ve never tried it in its purest form like you, sitting in the moonlight. so good to feel at peace, at one with nature

      glitter (: xx

      p.s. i’m very flattered by your daughter’s comment. it made me smile 😀

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