Thawing Out

September 3, 2011

She lives witin a frozen world

A place too solid to breathe

As it melts

She falls fast

Fulfilling her every need

4 Responses to “Thawing Out”

  1. this is short and stunning. ice queen? 🙂 xx

  2. woih said

    I love ” stunning “…thank you very much the compliment.

    Ice queen? Yes; but not in the sense of being harsh and insensitive to others. More of living in such a way that you have become incapable of resting/feeling your body and emotions unguarded.

    Once she/we notice this disconnection from the body we panic and start to live more in our “heads” trying to find a way to feel/live again fully-which only makes you more frozen and solidified. But when the shell melts, you find that everything you were striving for and desired was right in your heart all along. You just had to let go and “fall” into the body unconditionally.
    I didn’t have a specific person in mind; it just fit well.

    In fact, here’s a link to facilitate the melting;

    I think the “10-points practice and Earth Breathing” can be utilized immediately by anyone of any backround and viewpoint the most. It’s under “Truth is the Gateway” at the bottom of the page…#2.

    Happy thawing out!

    oh..and thank you again glitteringsootonhereyelashes..I always appreciate your visits here.

  3. nice link, i’ve skimmed through it briefly but will made it my outmost priority to spend more time thawing.

    i feel so flattered that you take the time to explain it all to me. the real thanks go to you 🙂 xx

  4. woih said

    It’s rare that someone takes the time to listen to me, I tend to overexplain things a lot in person, so I really appreciate this forum to express without worry.

    The fact that you took the time to check the site out blows me away. If you decide to try the bodywork/meditations out and have questions or want to share experiences you have, please feel free to contact me through here or email

    If I’m unknowledgable about something in this area, there is a wealth of folks I know who have been practicing far longer than I and can answer any question you might have.

    By the way, your “about me” page is a work of art in itself. It moves in such a ethereal and gentle way…one of my favorite works you’ve done 🙂


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