Gethsemani Steps

May 30, 2011

I see not in solidity and form

Yet a barrier remains

I see not in hatred

Yet I still stir confusion

I see not as a victim

Yet I do still cry

I see not always from compassion

Yet, still I do try

(Thomas Merton’s hermitage cabin at Abbey of Gethsemani Trappist Monastery)

3 Responses to “Gethsemani Steps”

  1. wish we were hiking in the woods right now!…This is a great picture of his hermitage…

  2. The “Gethsemane” brought the picture of Jesus, but this could be any prophet… especially, “I see not in hatred, yet still bring confusion.” That’s the hallmark of anyone who’s had anything great to say… it’s always followed with confusion, right?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could get here. Peace, Amy

    • ohcgd108 said

      Hey Amy…you are right on. There is a cistercian (spelling?) monastery right outside of Bardstown, Kentucky named the Abbey of Gethsemani where the monk, Thomas Merton, lived and wrote from. My ex-wife and I would go to the monastery and walk the woods where you would come across statues in the woods and fields. The last statues you come across is modeled after the night before Jesus was crucified. Where he sat in confusion; for even though his heart told him what must be done, he knew the suffering that awaited him. I’ve read a few of Thomas Mertons’ journals, and he was often at similar crossroads. Where he knew he had to follow his heart, yet the world around him would not understand his compassion, even his own monastery! I often find myself oscillating between logic and heart…I think of them to try and find the balance.

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