May 26, 2011

Within the inconsistent ticking of my final breathes,

I meeked ’round to find myself bereft of anything but fear; 

I questioned at what point all loved ones walked out,

I questioned when their favor dimmed with the waning moon,

I questioned their motives and ‘nothing left to give them’ retorted louder than murderous cries,

I questioned judgements meted out by a jury burning blindfolds,

I questioned prejudicially upon their crooked arrows,

I questioned atheistically, damning a creator I never did meet,

I questioned his chessmate for not getting the job done quickly,

In between breathe three and last all thoughts returned to where Buddhism tells me they never originated,

In between fighting to let go and death a mirror arose to show my self-deception,

All  magistrates and inquisitors were simply wickets of my own mind. 

An Anaphora posted to Thursdays Poets’ Rally Week 44 :


7 Responses to “Inquisitor”

  1. “In between fighting to let go and death a mirror arose to show my self-deception,
    All magistrates and inquisitors were simply wickets of my own mind”

    So true!!
    Thank you for your visit!!

  2. meiro said

    Lovely written.
    All blessings!

  3. meredith said

    One of the most profound poems I’ve read. Ever.


  4. Jingle said

    very well written,
    you are very speedy as well.
    enjoy the rally.


  5. brian said

    nice…very well written the mirror of self deception…for sure reflects our reality

  6. Pat Cegan said

    Simply wonderful! I am new to poetry so also enjoyed seeing an example of the anaphora poetic form. You used it well. Thank you, too, for your visit and comments on my blog. Hugs, pat

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