May 25, 2011


Striving to multiply

the brilliance of the sun

while our energy binds

the beauty of the night.

Submitted to One Shot Wednesday:

5 Responses to “Sisyphus”

  1. I find myself repeating this poem again and again simply because of the way it feels when spoken…a natural rhythm…feels wonderful upon my tongue…write on Woih! dig it!

  2. claudia said

    read it a few times now and strange enough…feels a bit like sisyphus rolling his stone up the hill and the moment i think i got it – it glides down again and i start anew…maybe forever..good write – binding the beauty of the night..i like

  3. brian said

    ha as if we ever had such power…very nice…

  4. Kavita said

    Very very thought provoking… in fact, it is a fable in just a few words, Woih! Awesome!
    I guess some things are just beyond us… it is better we give in to such “powers” at times… without really giving up ofcourse… ugghh.. did I make any sense at all?!?!?

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