The Waiting Room

May 11, 2011

Tonight I sit with riddled awe

For I could not convey what I saw

A lack of perspective?  Not the right words?

Once again I’ve met a solid wall

     I offered a bit of my empty self

     It was received as self-rightousness

     So now I see no matter my attempt

     I’ll often be greeted by mortar and cement.



submitted to One Shot Wednesday:

6 Responses to “The Waiting Room”

  1. dig this gentle one

  2. brian said

    it feels futile and maybe even desperate…the wanting, the trying but only being met by a wall…and a bit sad…

  3. dustus said

    A beautiful questioning of life. Wonderful photo too.

  4. C Rose said

    I sat in this space the other night, now I have words to put to it. thank you for your wonderful words ~ Rose

  5. Jingle said

    lovely, join poets rally if you can, bless you.

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