Freed Fireflies

May 4, 2011


Illusory veils

Blankets upon the mind

Capturing up moments

imprisoned fireflies

Heed the warmth of flicker-flame

As awareness becomes fire

Fuel for the journey

Coals of desire


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15 Responses to “Freed Fireflies”

  1. brian said

    ok, nice bit on the fireflies…love to chased them…the final line, i think we need a bit of each

  2. woih said

    Thanks brian..I just posted this (yer wicked fast)…

    I can definitely appreciate a life without aggression, (it being concepts and forms to keep away all that threatens our “pretty” little ideas of our self). But in the meantime, they’re my “coals for the fire.”

    Always appreciate a different perspective.
    Please do drop in again

  3. soft and tender..words could make a you feel at home…fuel for the journey 🙂

  4. Wow, these are some dangerous fireflies! Not really, I guess they could be if given unbridled and free rein in someone’s mind. Very interesting write, I enjoyed it.

  5. “freed fireflies”…i love the way your poem flows, every word in just the right place, knowing full well what they’re meant to impress upon the reader…and then i read your poem again, and each time another level of depth consumes my thoughts…every verse says so much on its own…”as awareness becomes fire”…and it becomes more difficult to be aware…so much easier to escape from reality…”blankets upon the wind” “capturing up moments” “imprisoned fireflies”…i surely feel like an imprisoned firefly…the energy building up inside, ready to be set free and begin my journey…fueled by coals of aggression and desire…your poem offers so much to contemplate and each time i read it, i am just beginning…the beauty of a poem is that one can read it again and again and each time it feels like a new journey…a wonderful write…love the captured fireflies…how i used to capture them as a kid and think nothing of it, amazed with their magic and reluctant to set them free before they would die…

    • woih said

      wow…i’m really glad this sparked something in your mind.

      “…it again and again and each time it feels like a new journey”
      – that’s how I’m experience all things lately (not constantly). Each time I choose to let go of my concepts about something, I see it as if for the first time or in a shifted perspective. Each time a bit closer to what it actually is…hence, “illusory veils”

      I love that you shared this experience with me. Please stop by more often and drop some words.

  6. “As awareness becomes fire

    Fuel for the journey” gorgeous poem…but these words really spoke to me!

    • woih said

      nobody puts words in a corner! (my version of dirty dancing)

      nothing is more satisfying than when a writing comes alive and and the reader allows it to breathe into their experience

      ..let the words speak

      thank you so very much for taking the time to read and comment here.

  7. Olivia said

    Man… I am going through a phase- let’s say towards the fag end.. I had a tough time collecting enough “coals of aggression and desire”.. very beautifully done! Uplifting indeed.. 🙂

    Hugs xox

  8. Natasha said

    Really appreciate how well you have delivered a powerful and potent message with such a quick, yet potent write. Love the images, the use of language, all of it, and a big ENCORE! Will definately return to visit again 🙂

  9. siubhan said

    some “hot” imagery here! Nice one shot!

  10. Kavita said

    the path to illumination is really quite a journey by itself!
    I really liked your analogy here… beautifully done!

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