A Choice

April 26, 2011

We have awaited your presence,

and wish you to enter. 

But you must leave your armor and weapons behind.

It is not for us.   

     You cannot walk freely with them.

Let go the burden of these things

and slake our thirsts together.


     Without this, I fear we may fade.


Submitted to Jingle Poetry – Poetry Potluck :


Thank you Jingle and for whatever poet nominated this piece for an award. I really do appreciate the thoughtfulness and encouragement. See ya at the rally.

Time does slip

Quickly throughout lives

Without fault


17 Responses to “A Choice”

  1. Image and words mesh together extremely well. And one would want a faithful companion to journey through these woods with 🙂

  2. Jingle said

    love the message,

    very compact.


  3. I’m on board. Peace is the only way. Also, your choice of image was beautiful. Amy

  4. Olivia said

    I am floored!
    Dennis, what a beautiful one expressing passion n love!!

    Mindblowingly terrific..
    Hugs xox

  5. tigerbrite said

    Mysterious picture and poem. Gets the imagination working on a story 😉

  6. meredith said

    this one made me cry. it’s true.

  7. belladonna23 said

    hm. these five lines pack more of a punch than one would expect… it’s like i can see a vision of two souls walking hand in hand and disappearing into the darkness. their words in your thoughts and spilled over these lines. beautiful

  8. Andy said

    I agree with Olivia. For love, I would go anywhere…but those woods sure do look spooky!

  9. it read to me like a protest against violence. tres bien! xx

  10. River said

    I feel there is a transition taking place in a relationship. Maybe to the next stage where one can’t enter without opening oneself to the other. Taking the armor off. I could be way off. 🙂

  11. woih said

    Pretty much. It’s describing the process of letting go over and over again; moment after moment. Letting go of concepts and thinking as a way of distancing instead of intimacy…with all things, not just your partner.

  12. Jingle said

    Glad to see you take it, cheers…

    enjoyed your participation and poetry,
    keep up the excellence.


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