Egos’ beguilement

February 8, 2011



     come here..

     who me?   

just a taste..

taste of what?

     it’s what you need..

     only one right?

would I lie to you?

seems pretty shady

     just let your thoughts take you..

     couldn’t hurt too much

have some emotions with that

what’s going on? what happened?

      shhh… everything is just fine  

      ahhhh!! …how did I get stuck in here?

 let the neurosis welcome you back..

breathe, focus on the and out

     hey! HEY! cut that out! I’m here for you fool!

     relax the neck, release the back….let go

 .       .   .                 ..              .


5 Responses to “Egos’ beguilement”

  1. belladonna23 said

    so interesting, great poem via conversations. it’s too rare that poets write like this

    • woih said

      you’re on a commenting spree..yea, dig it. Thanks for reading so much today.

      This is an idea I’ve had for a song for years now…just never got around to the full version. Glad ya like it.

  2. Kavita said

    Now that’s a fantastic way of describing on the alluring nature of our own egos!
    Woww… I don’t think I have ever seen ego being pictured as a temptress before… loved that image!! Very impressive

    • woih said

      Thank you Kavita..I think that’s how I most experience it. Always wanting to live through it’s preconceptions instead of experiencing the moment fresh, raw and uncreated….ahhh..that makes me wanna meditate…but I’m not gonna. Thank for the read

  3. Ah, but where is the superego in this? The id must’ve done him in. Tsk tsk. Cool poem.

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