February 8, 2011

I will be the sand

Absorbing all that is borne

Skillful perfection

8 Responses to “bodhisattva”

  1. meredith said

    Go for it, Woih!


  2. belladonna23 said

    simple and still perfectly complete!

  3. Kavita said

    Oh woww.. I like that idea, Woih!! And as sand, I can easily slip from others’ fingers too… no clinging to there!
    I like it a lot….
    Gosh.. It’s nice to be visiting you again.. I know it’s been a while… my apologies for that!
    And this poem was a great way to resume my visits here… yaaayyy!! LOVELY!

    • woih said

      Thank you, thank you, thank you……Actually, no apolgies. I just started writing again a few days ago. Been pretty busy with music. And yea…it’s really cool to be back in here and mingling with everyones words.

  4. Bodhirose said

    Love those bodhisattvas especially Quan Yin. Thank you for a sweet and loving haiku on their behalf.

  5. Fatesjoke03 said

    Love it!

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