October 25, 2010

The wind enters sharp

Dissolving these veils  again

I touch her true heart

                                        For Jingle’s Monday Poetry Potluck: http://www.jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/

16 Responses to “enter”

  1. This haiku says a great deal in a few short lines. I especially love the last line. So well done. I admire poets who master haiku, being so wordy myself:) Nice one, Woih.

  2. Eric said



  3. King of Haiku…well done my friend x

  4. great haiku, my friend. Fits the theme too. cool



    (mine are here –
    To Ashes: http://wp.me/pTeVg-ca
    Let Me: http://wp.me/pTeVg-bW
    Indigenous: http://wp.me/pTeVg-bK

  5. michaelo said

    Concise, yet metaphorically rich haiku. Very nice!

  6. Laura Lynn said

    This is great! So much said in so few words!

  7. mairmusic said

    A lovely moment in these words– well done!

  8. Jingle said


    welcome to attend Poets Rally, link in a poem, visit and comment, have fun!
    Thanks a ton for the attention.
    Let me know if you have questions.

  9. Olivia said

    very beautiful words- well said..!!
    So powerful- it said much in few.. xoxox

  10. Olivia said

    How is everything? I hope that you have enjoyed your participation at our Monday Potluck, love your talent and your willingness to share.
    Join us this coming Monday for another week of fun, old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome.
    Hope to see you then.
    Let me know if you have questions.
    You Rock!

  11. Kavita said

    In it’s brevity, lies its power!! Wicked good, this!!

  12. This haiku says so much in few short lines, enjoyed it!

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