To miss the mark

October 19, 2010

You perceive some ink spilled out in form

That assumes expression of my deeper self

Now you know exactly who I am?

You have never once seen me

       You hear the notes reverberate from my hands

        The lyrics, supposedly giving away a part of myself

        You believe you now know a bit more about this man

        Yet, never once, have you seen even a spec of me

The way I move and speak when noone else is around

The imperfections and subtleties

The sum of these, you hold up and say, “look, this is him”

But once again, you aren’t even looking in the right direction

          Fifteen years of studies and peaceful rallies

          Days spent with Merton and the Dalai Lama

          Your credentials are held with the view that you know me best

          But oh, my dear friend, you are blinder than the rest

Never once have you looked at me without wanting

Always in the point of seeing something different that what is there

A stranger does catch a glimpse, for they do not want to bottle me

       Everytime I emerge from my cell, you beat me back within

       For I am not the friend that you bought

       I am not the one that helps  you engrain your distraction further

But your hammers sin

They miss the mark

They can never land upon this fluid being

3 Responses to “To miss the mark”

  1. Wow, this says SO MUCH! Such truth and honesty in your words. I love”never once have you looked at me without wanting”. And “oh my dear friend, you are blinder than the rest”. A sad fact of life among humans. Powerful writing. Way to go!

  2. Jingle said

    Thanks a lot for the support to Jingle Poetry Potluck, I could not always find time to show how much we appreciate your support, here, three awards for you, hope to see you in of week 7, our theme is love and romance. Happy Monday, Happy Blogging! xxx

  3. Jingle said

    lovely writing, friend,
    Glad to read you this morning.
    keep up the excellence.

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