At Last Light

September 23, 2010

                   An old friend; one I haven’t seen in about 20 years, inspired me to repost this with one of her facebook posts. She pointed out not to forget the “other” victims in this insanely egodriven mess called war. Not to forget the families and children in Iraq, Afganistan. etc.
                 Their lives are no less sacred; their families anguish is no less severe…thank you for speaking up Anna. 

From within these shores came an act of fear

Great sadness stoked by the heat of loss

From the ash arose a path unclear

So we simply followed, what we’ve been taught

No cheek to turn, revenge distilled the thoughts

What about those of us still left to tell

Teachings of nonviolence and hatred quelled

At a crucial time, wisdom left unveiled

A nations’ rage bid peace farewell

But at last light it looked as though we’ve failed

     Bloodshed we screamed but not to near

     We musn’t see what we bought

     Our countries’ blood is far too dear

     So off to war, they must be fought

     Where we guarantee more death is brought

     It seems liberty has lost her bell

     The good of all put in a cell

     Striving to protect lives so frail

     Compassion; humanity, should be the waters of our well

     But at last light it looked as though we’ve failed

Thousand of lives weigh heavy upon me, this year

And some do still justify the murder that we sought

No amount of killing will change the image in the mirror

No mother’s sons will be brought back by your prayers

Many a times, throughout thousands of years

We’ve been offered a gift to see through this hell

The teachings of love that will awake from this spell

Yet we raise our chests in pride at our own coffins’ nails

And praise god for our victory as we bid the dead our farewells

But at last light it looked as though we’ve  failed

     When all compassion is lost in this place that we dwell

     Will our children speak of love, how will they be able to tell

     I hoped to see a day when we might have peace prevail

     A world of understanding where violence just dosen’t sell

     The dawn of enlightenment where all selfish concepts fell

     But at last light it looked as though, once again, we have failed

30 Responses to “At Last Light”

  1. Wow! This is amazing…seriously Dennis. Amazing!

  2. Olivia said

    Yet we raise our chests in pride at our own coffins’ nails.. that’s the ugly truth.. very well written. Intense and well treated.. Happy Potluck

  3. dhitzunako said

    It was like, watching the epic war at Rohan (LOTR movie), with different ending though.

    “…once again, we have failed.”

    And i was thinking that you’re going to make them win… (::surprised::)

    Great. d^.^b

    • woih said

      I love that movie. It’s actually about the current human situation and personal experiences from being in the army.
      I don’t think it’s going to be possible to ‘win’ anything by killing each other. There is no us and them… simply humans killing humans, in my judgement anyway.
      But maybe, ” The dawn of enlightenment where all selfish concepts fell” will arise.

  4. penelopephoebe said

    A really great poem and I loved the little poetry lesson as well.

    • woih said

      Thank penelope. Yea, I’m familiar with only a few forms, so when I try one out, I try to pass it on. This particular one was like pulling teeth because it is so different from the way I naturally write. But I am happy with the outcome. Thak you.

  5. Chris G. said

    Lovely work! Powerful stuff.

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Annie, Dennis Welch. Dennis Welch said: At Last Light: […]

  7. Jingle said

    valid and solid message,
    lovely writing…
    Thanks for the support of poetry potluck!
    your contribution is highly valued.

  8. Uncle Tree said

    Good golly! I hope there never is a ‘last’ light.
    My only hope is for a last war. Nice one, Woih!

  9. Lovely poem, Thanks for sharing!

  10. Jingle said
    Our poetry potluck is NOW open, welcome linking in..

    miss you in the spot.

  11. tracyhsays said

    This is very good. It’s a powerful piece that’s done in such a peaceful way. I enjoyed the read. I came here from the link at Meet the Poet. I’m sorry to be coming so late, but I finally made it. Annie did a great job with your interview.

  12. Wonderful poem written exceptionally well. It strikes at my heartstrings as I too desire world peace. Can you imagine? If everyone dreamt that dream of peace. Warm wishes, Kristen

  13. I salute you for the courage to express such emotion in a peaceful, mesmerizing and honorable way. I gather from your response to some of the comments – you are a serviceman. I thank you and your family, as well to all troops, for the sacrifices made on behalf of our country and our country’s freedoms. THANK YOU!!

  14. deadpoet88 said

    Amazing! This is too good, and your profound words are still ringing in my head. “Give peace a chance” -Lennon sums up your words perfectly. I really wish someday people realize that war is not the right way to do things, and that they learn to live in harmony. Superb piece, keep writing!

  15. siubhan said

    ugly truth made into something beautiful here. well done.

  16. this is remarkably done…and you turned something otherwise into beauty…nice one shot

  17. moondustwriter said

    A Ballad indeed – I’m thinking song material with a strong message

    thanks for your kindness on my “wee” poem

    Glad to see you at One Shot thanks

  18. ladynyo said

    A very powerful poem, especially to this mother with an only child in the Navy in Somalia chasing pirates right now.

    Geez, we never learn.

    Good stanzas, strong imagery, clear and satisfying.

    Lady Nyo

    • woih said

      I know, it sucks having someone in the military. Best wishes to you and your child. ANd thanks for the read. ALways appreciate some new feedback.
      oh…dig, dig, dig the tankas. very cool

  19. Shashi said

    Its very beautiful. I enjoyed your lines …
    ‘When all compassion is lost in this place that we dwell
    Will our children speak of love, how will they be able to tell’
    I could relate to the poetry so much.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  20. Kavita said

    Simply BRILLIANT, Dennis!!! Powerful and intense…
    Freedom and that light are really worth it all… and they should be cherished!!!
    It’s those little acts of love that make us once again believe in the existence of that thing called humanity..

  21. Elizabeth. said

    How so right this all is. Ordinary people don’t make wars…they just die in them. x

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