Exiled into bliss

September 21, 2010

And this time will be the last

The last thought

The last breathe

The last glimpse of an ordinary world

               As we enter each others well

               They grasp to catch one last glimpse of us

               But the ones they know are already gone

We tumble down through blue and white

Feeling the sense of each other 

We are what home has always meant

Red then black, there is no longer a we 

               So fast we erode stones do admire

               We within each other like heat and fire

               There is no world that will accept us as this

              Exile is greeted and sealed with a kiss              

Para tu Principasia……………37 always



25 Responses to “Exiled into bliss”

  1. Jingle said

    oh, dear, you truly amaze me,
    love the image so very much…
    thanks for sharing…

    it is a great joy to have you support and more.

  2. Rene Foran said

    this is so beautiful and moody…it reminds me of lava tumbling down into the sea


  3. The image is awesome, and your poem too, a tumbling, as Rene said. “Exiled into bliss” – what a wonderful title.

    • woih said

      YEA! You all are making me happy! :).look, that’s me smiling ( not really, I haven’t shaved in like a week, I’m not yellow, I’m not round, my teeth are definitely not that white, and I still can’t find the glasses button. This is all assuming, of course, that an emoticon has appeared and not simply a semi-colon with a para-thingy. Otherwise, this makes absolutely no sense and I am simply rambling on and on and on and on and on. Oh….)
      Really though gospel, Jingle, Rene..thanks for the read and the extremely kind words.

  4. Kavita said

    That looks like one outburst of emotions! Sometimes, one has to throw it out of the system…
    In any case, memories will continue to haunt us.. we just need to learn to handle them better… what say? 🙂

    Your writing was very powerful and intense!
    “There is no world that will accept us as this” — I absolutely LOVED this line… I am very sure many of us can relate to this at one time or the other!

    Thanks for linking this fine piece with Poetry Potluck! We are so pleased to have you here!

    • woih said

      I am glad to be here! Thank you as always for taking the time to read and connect to the emotions.

      “memories will continue to haunt us.. we just need to learn to handle them better… what say?”
      ..they don’t haunt if you invite them and have some tea waiting for their arrival. Buuuuuuuuuutttttt…..sometimes they show up at 3 a.m…drunk.
      In short…yes.

  5. deadpoet88 said

    Amazing! This really speaks volumes!

    These lines really spoke to me:

    “So fast we erode stones do admire

    We within each other like heat and fire

    There is no world that will accept us as this

    Exile is greeted and sealed with a kiss”

  6. beautiful image, beautiful poem!
    I will come back for more 🙂

  7. Talon said

    The words spill as beautifully as the images they create! Lovely, woih!

  8. Love the way you’ve formatted this on the page. It appears well-crafted. Also dig yr bluegreen backdrop, yeah..wooooo… like yr blog altogether

    Nice one

    Warmest salad


    • woih said

      ALright, thank you Luke. Warmest salad? SOunds like a really interesting story behind that one.

      Thanks for checking the page out and for the compliments.

  9. Jingle said

    Thanks for sharing, hope to see you next time!

  10. Fay Slimm said

    A strong and powerful verse – – “we within each other like heat and fire” depicts the feel of new love to my mind which can fall head first into the tumble of waters and come up only to reel in “each other#’s well” Fine imagery and wonderful image.

  11. weighty said

    gonna send this to my mom

  12. Jingle said

    Thanks for linking….

    dreamy imagery.

  13. belladonna23 said

    “Para tu Principasia……………37 always”
    interessare. Poesia bella.
    i’m italian but i only know a few words (:
    here’s some of my really old pieces (to fit the theme, but please also bare in mind that some of these i wrote years ago) :

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