All within me

September 20, 2010

Vacation, you say?

          Just have a seat.

“But I want to leave,

explore the vast lands

and the seas.”

          Just have a seat

“You’re not listening to me!

Past the moon and the stars

Piercing Earths’ mysteries

 and scars.

I must go now and see!”

          Just have a seat

“To a far off land,

where I’ll meet the world. 

Healing the wounded

and finding the true me.

I must go now and see!”

          Just have a seat

“Flying high into space

discovering a vast universe.

To explode with the sun

and return engaved with the stars.

I must go now and see!”


              just have a seat.

       Written for  Poetry Potluck!

15 Responses to “All within me”

  1. I really enjoy the “dialogue.” What I got was we can do all that right HERE and now. Present in the moment.

  2. Is that me talking? Sure feels like it!!! Thanks for the reminder precious gentle man!

  3. Jingle said

    love reading it,
    so fun and enjoyable!

  4. Jingle said

    Thanks for sharing,
    them more you share, the happier we are…

    see you soon!

  5. amanda said

    stop and smell the roses in your own back yard! Too bad young people don’t know how to have a seat!

  6. Talon said

    This brought to my mind the image of an impatient child anxious to begin the journey and the patient parent reminding them they had to get their first. I loved the flow!

  7. Talon said

    and I mean “there” – not their! Sorry about that!

    • woih said

      Thank you Amanda and Talon. There is a sinking that occurs, for me anyways, when I have “had a seat” long enough. All of a sudden, I’m living from the viewpoint of my body. Odd to describe…maybe one day I can pass it on accurately with words. To have a breathing body… all of it!
      anyways…thank you for reading it.

  8. deadpoet88 said

    Love this! Like the voices arguing in my head..I do that a lot! Sometimes we need to learn some patience… 🙂 You’ve really got talent with words!

  9. Kavita said

    Amazing imagery, Woih!! This was just plain fantastic!! I wanna go on that ride too!! I only hope that the “other” side of me does not force me to take a seat though!

    Loved this poem!! Thank you so much for linking it to Poetry Potluck! It’s very befitting indeed…

    • woih said

      Thank you Kavita…actually, the “other” side is saying that if you just have a seat, all these mysteries, travels, wonders and experiences are within you right now. … just have a seat.(i.e. meitation/somatic bodywork)…soooooooooo, just take a seat and enjoy the trip.

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