A bodhi gift

September 16, 2010

Acts of generosity, spiral out from their time

To those seeking truth, amongst lifes tricky lies

                 A flicker of light, emits from my screen

                 Their reminder of life, that asks to be seen

A gesture so timely, rings out amongst pain

Their call from a distance, to help exhaust these stains

                  In the darkest confusion, as I’m riddled with fear

                  When I look to my body, I find them there

For the sangha


6 Responses to “A bodhi gift”

  1. Jingle said

    fun poem.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jingle said


    try to write a poem with a theme, then link in,
    you may feel good about taking the challenge.
    Happy Friday!

    get ready to link in on Sunday!

  3. hoiden said

    great poem…thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  4. weight said

    yeah my dad will like this

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