Don’t go

September 15, 2010

I try to play the music in my head

 but these calloused hands cannot find the placement

on the neck of  this guitar

A guitar given away time and time again

 until I said, “I ‘ll take you home.”

My voice produces notes that sound

weak and flawed to my ears

I can’t fly an airplane at this very moment

I can’t lift a building in this very second

I can’t accompany my brothers into the battle that they prepare for

I can’t comfort my children with my arms when they fall

I cannot be by my mother’s side when she has no one to talk to

I cannot take the pain from my brother when his decisions seem to hurt others

All these things are beyond my grasp at this moment

But I can feel….

I can feel a soft, flowing white feather filled altar where I feel safe

I can feel her hands upon my back and neck while I sit wrapping her cigarette

I can feel the youth in me when she kneels on the bed and  does that cute little thing with her hands

I can feel when our eyes whisper to each other….this is forever and nothing all at once

I can feel both emptiness and overfilled when she blesses my ears…’dont go,’ she says

I can feel something I never knew existed……

Pure and absolute happiness within her arms

3 Responses to “Don’t go”

  1. amanda said

    this is just beautiful a genuine connection with feelings!

  2. Stafford said

    “You can’t roller skate in a watermelon patch!
    But you can be happy if you’ve a mind to.”
    Roger Miller was there before you, but you found bliss in your own song.
    All we need now is a melody and changes! 🙂

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