September 13, 2010

A question arises

As the tick becomes a roar

What can I really do?

Is it a failed attempt

Then the third-syllable exhausts

It is not mindless guidance

I do not know, but I will

The three-syllable purpose


Fulfillment in each action













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9 Responses to “Mantra”

  1. Jingle said

    Thanks for writing this,
    compassion, yes, that’s what we need to life a joyful life.

  2. Jingle said

    Thanks for the contribution….

    very honest and creative work.
    well done!
    Happy Potluck!

  3. Amazingly written!:D If only most of the human have it, life would have been better!=D

  4. Kavita said

    We sometimes tend to lead lives that seem to have no real meaning whatsoever! And then, it’s time t oask, reflect and answer those questions that arise… after all, it’s never too late !
    Excellent poem, and a superb contribution for the poetry potluck! I really appreciate your support… Thank you..

    • woih said

      YOu’re are welome Kavita. Thank all of you for taking the time to read these words. Most times, people around here don’t understand what I’m getting at. It’s really good to find a few “different” minds. Guess thats why I’m on here now

  5. Talon said

    The last word resonates…compassion for self as well as others. I really enjoyed this.

  6. tracyhsays said

    This one had me reading over it a few times. Thought provoking, and remindful that a little compassion can go a long way. Well done.

  7. […] pens peace from Woih’s Blog on WordPress:  This is an outstanding guy who’s peace is something to […]

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