The Walk

September 8, 2010

A cordouroy shroud
White ink deep within the grooves
Erase lines inside

12 Responses to “The Walk”

  1. Koan like. Keeps opening the mind. I enjoy it. – bill

  2. Lovely Haiku Warrior of Infinite Heart!

    You are good. You are loved.

  3. A perfect senryu. I didn’t get the connection with the title, though. I know, I’m dim!

    • woih said

      I don’t either’s just the words that came out.I don’t really get the whole thing.
      I have a feeling I sould know this, but what’s a senryu?

  4. siubhan said

    i like this, but i’m not sure why. something about the words draws you in. whatever it is that you’ve captured, it intrigues.

  5. Sometimes I like to choose words randomly from the dictionary and work them into a poetry. It’s amazing how something comes out of it. A cordouroy shroud….!

  6. Simply suberb haiku. I loved it. Thanks for sharing x

  7. deadpoet88 said

    Loved this! It’s brilliant!

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