what is small

September 4, 2010

The valley rises

suggesting I am the inanimate one

I believed my body had expanded

But I simply entered what is small

The loss of me ignites their joyous wailing of return

I am not yet home, but I have been here before

I am infinite

9 Responses to “what is small”

  1. Wow…what an experience…you are amazing at letting experiences in raw and unfiltered!

  2. 1sojournal said

    Such soft quietude reflected here, especially like “I am not yet home, but I have been here before.” Wonderful sense of yearning calmed.


  3. Nice to see you at Writer’s Island!!!

  4. Wonderful!=P Love your words=D

  5. A tranquil kind of a poem. Thank you.

  6. tillybud said

    That’s lovely.

  7. woih said

    thank you everyone..words like “quietude, lovely, unfiltered and tranquil”..appreciated

  8. theonlycin said

    Very peaceful, and nice economical use of words.
    Nothing superfluous in there, well done!

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