Teline Secrince

August 23, 2010

You say you should give me to the monastery
To dress me in robes made for the sacred
And torture me outside the walls

But they would not take me….

…they know very well
They know of OUR existence
Of the ease when you speak my name
How when you look away
I die of anxiety awaiting your next stare

So I sleep in your mist

as I taste what you have created for me…
…absolute love
These words do have meaning now.
Like a hundred sacred folios from the deepest caves of Tibet,
withheld for fear of being tainted
But when released
the skies cry with grace

The birds  carry their tears to Teline Secrince to be blessed

The messengers of bliss, the messengers of the rebirth
…….of recreation
I’ve known you
I know you again
I’ve awaited this reconnection for 3000 years
And here we are…dancing in the mist of Teline again

One Response to “Teline Secrince”

  1. Thank you for my ticket…

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