August 23, 2010

It’s interesting. When I wake up and sit (meditate) before I do anything else; coffee, read, tv, adio, facebook, etc., i seem to rest in a naturally open place. But when I inject a subject into my mind, even if it’s a “positive” or “light” subject, all experience is filtered through that subjects’ parameters or relative lack of it. hhhmmmmmmm……..Now, inject three cups of coffee, 6 different songs, 10 facebook posts, family handing you their garbage and then sit……and watch that wheel spin!

3 Responses to “Spin”

  1. endlessly spinning
    in this place; vertigo spreads
    in this search for grace

  2. Jingle said


    welcome to Poets Rally week 30,
    let me know if you have a poem ready,
    do nothing otherwise.
    Thanks for the support.

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