For no apparent reason

August 23, 2010

She sings of loss while my cigarette obeys the words

Green spiked carpets slip from under the stereotype to lure me in

But I’m not going

It’s alluring though

Time is upon the smoke to signal for another…so I’ll reach while you do not pause
Two bars to my left are suppose to signify a break…a pause

But in the morning they will represent disgust and an absolute lack of understanding even though I try not to have these feelings

But it is what I feel…..I think they represent manipulation

They represent the only thing I can see still binding me to the useless daily life that the soldier next to me feels pride for
I’m done….my towel was long ago thrown in

I earned my keep and at least a few others in the process

But I am to honor something that signifies an accomplishment

Something that is suppose to hold weight for a task well done

I performed the same and many others ..but now I am just paperwork that represents what not to be

A few will remember whose sweat made life a little easier

And if they don’t, it will be lost for I will not carry it with me

I have seen what I want, and I am almost there

So I guess I should listen to my own morning ramblings and just be happy with this second

But when a glance at tomorrow looks so much better, its hard to break the stare

One Response to “For no apparent reason”

  1. Fantastic piece. I really like your word choice. Raw, intense.

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