Painful awakenings

August 22, 2010

I was at Dathun last night.
It was being held at a tiny apartment in the Bronx. A group of staff led me into the city to panhandle, when I turned around, they had fled leaving me alone on an unknown street corner. When I found my way back to the retreat site (apartment), a few people started telling me how lucky I was …to have taken the route that I did back to the apartment. They said if I had taken he other two routes, the christians would have killed me for trespassing.
I was then judged by a practioner for the way that I bowed upon entering the shine room. It was day 3 and I felt I hadn’t sat at all since i had been there, like I wasted the entire three days trying to be social or something. Emily, Jake L. and Rosemary S. where the only 3 I recognized. The rest were foreign faces to me. This is what I awoke from this morning. Felt terribly real…..

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